Bedroom Makeover, Phase One

So, back in the day I posted about the bedroom update I’d like to do to add more closet space. Well, I can officially say it has begun!

We took a spontaneous trip to Minneapolis to visit friends last weekend, and since I have never been to IKEA before, I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. I wasn’t actually planning to purchase anything major, but when my bestie Hanna said she’d fit their bed frame in their car, I started to warm to the idea. Who are we kidding, I was totally sold.

Getting the bed home turned out to be quite an adventure, but we all think it was well worth it. Except for Toby, who was not at all thrilled about being cooped in the back seat the whole way home.

I’m sure 90% of the population has more experience with IKEA than I, but holy crap! This was a complicated and time consuming project. Not to mention painful! Ok, I’m over exaggerating slightly, although I do have a legitimate bruise on my right hand from using a screwdriver for nearly three straight hours.

In all seriousness though, I have to give IKEA some props. They have some awesome stuff at incredibly affordable prices, the directions were surprisingly easy to follow and the final product is great. Here are a few photos of the assembly.







We’re thrilled with the final product and are loving the extra drawer space.



I was able to fit my sweater collection in one of the massive drawers and clear out another half of the guest room closet. Maybe after I finish the rest of the project we can finally remove our clothes from all the other closets throughout the house?

Vamos a Mexico


As we sit sipping our coffees in the bustling Atlanta airport, waiting to board our next flight, I realize it has been quite some time since I’ve written a post. Since school started? I’m slacking, I know.

So, here’s the latest and greatest: we’re headed to Mexico today! This is our first week-long vacation sans kids since our honeymoon nearly three years ago. We were hoping to visit Trent’s good friend Ben in California last year, but couldn’t due to some unexpected expenses. Needless to say we are thrilled to be able to skip town this year.

Midwesterners, I know you can all sympathize with my winter woes–it’s been rough this year! It was a balmy 8 degrees today in our lovely city, Des Moines. They actually had to de-ice our plane prior to takeoff. Sheesh! We’ll land in Cancun around 2:30, where it’s 80 degrees. I can’t even remember what that feels like! Can’t wait to throw on a sundress, some flip flops and get a cold drink in my hands.

Photos to follow. 😊

Mini Closet Makeover

Since my husband is not totally on board with this project which entails adding curtain closets on either side of the bed, (pictured below) we decided to add some more hanging closet space without digging into the square footage of our bedroom by adding a second bar in my current closet.

It was another “on a whim” project–love those! We purchased the materials from Lowes in the afternoon and were finished in a few hours.

The top rod needed to be raised in order to accommodate the new lower one, so we actually ended up installing two new rods. After taking everything out of the closet and removing the old closet rod we measured the inside walls (which were not even close to the same size, might I add) so that we could cut the pieces of wood for the new rods to hang on. You can see the old boards, which we decided just to leave there.

The top rod needed boards on three sides to support a shelf. My apologies for the fuzzy picture…

After the three boards on the top were installed we installed two for the lower rod and then attached the new hardware.

Once the new hardware was in place I painted the boards white with some extra paint we had lying around and put the rods in.

We waited about an hour for the paint to dry and then, voila!

Check out how much SPACE there is!! I have room for twice as many hanging clothes now, so exciting! And, we planned the height of the top tier perfectly, I can still put some folded clothes in bins up there too.

I’m beyond thrilled with this new development and already scheming about another closet project. I so love being organized.

A New School for Kaylee and Jaxson

Today was the kids’ first day at Perkins Academy! They weren’t thrilled with the concept of switching schools, but we do believe having them in our district is for the best. Perkins is a strong, well known school and looking ahead, Roosevelt High School is academically superior compared to most others in the area. We’re looking very forward to watching them learn, grow and make new friends in our neighborhood!

Yesterday we met their teachers, both seem wonderful and very friendly. Here’s a picture in front of their new school!

And a few photos of the kiddos before their first day.


Kaylee told us her teacher said “be quiet and sit down!” in a stern voice followed by “I’m just kidding…” Kaylee thought that was pretty funny and thinks she will get along with her teacher well. She also talked about her locker partner, Mackenzie, saying she was very friendly and welcoming (hooray!) Kaylee played with Mackenzie and her friends at recess and the two of them are apparently already making plans to decorate their locker with stickers?

Jaxson wasn’t as chatty about his first day (maybe because he was too busy chowing down on his fro yo?) but he did say he had fun playing with a new boy on the playground at recess.

School got out at 1:45 on the first day and Trent and I took off from work a little early to take the kids for Orange Leaf. Yum! Here are a few pics. strong>






And those who know me well would understand why I felt so inclined to take this picture:

You bet your buns I had some. It was awesome. Great way to end their first day!

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

This is the first weekend in the last four weeks that we’ve actually been home! While sitting on my butt and relaxing all weekend sounded great, it’s really just not in my nature. So, I scrounged up a last minute project. This one has been on my list since we moved in (like most of the others) but given the glorious weather, painting outdoors sounded like a winner.

I’d actually begun the painting process and scraped the landing off of our back door several weeks ago but whimped out when I realized I had to exert more effort than anticipated. I left it looking about like this:

Horrendous, right? Notice how the color doesn’t even closely match the trim around the exterior windows? Maybe it did at one point, but certainly not now.

I’ve had a little shadow lately, by the name of Jaxson, who readily offered his painting assistance. He didn’t stick with it too long, I mean, he is only eight, but I did manage to get a shot of him in action.

I did not, however, manage to get a picture of the finished product before people tromped out and got footprints on my freshly painted masterpiece. Sigh.

Still a vast improvement, footprints or no footprints. Here is a before and after.

It will definitely work until we can afford to rip out and replace them! I’m thinking something a little less bulky… we’d also like to redo the patio, but that’s fairly far down on the list. One project at a time!

JKK Ties The Knot

Yesterday my family grew, I acquired a sister and my brother married his lovely lady, Brenda. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

The ceremony took place at the Rose Garden and fortunately, we had perfect weather with just enough breeze to keep the bride from fainting. Brenda’s uncle and Father performed a heart-felt ceremony that moved many to tears, myself included.

The reception took place in a vacant building owned by our cousin, right in the heart of Beaverdale. The space was just right and they had almost a month to tweak it and make it what they wanted. Talk about lucky!

Everyone had a wonderful time and we all danced the afternoon away. Here are a few photos!
















Green Thumb

I’ve never really been much of a gardener, but this spring I seem to have sprouted a green thumb. Here are a few of the outdoor projects thus far.

For Mother’s Day, mom and I usually go and pick out her flowers together, well this year I got some too. I filled three pots–two of them mom made us for the front step and sat sadly empty in our porch for over a year. Here they are now filled with flowers and on display for all.


The third pot dad gave me for my birthday last year and had also been sitting empty on the front porch for a year (terrible daughter, I know.) Anyhow, empty no more, now it’s filled with succulents.


This last project was a spontaneous one. Since we’ve had so much water in the basement, Trent has been focusing on ways to take care of it without doing a full blown waterproofing job. He was told that sloping the soil behind the house and laying plastic tarp beneath the rock would help. He was going to simply put the rock back down after sloping the soil and laying the tarp, but I had other ideas in mind. 😉I unfortunately didn’t jump on the picture taking bandwagon before we removed all of the hideous rock, but here is finished product.

Love hydrangeas!

It will look better as the butterfly bush and hostas fill in, but even as is, its a vast improvement. We were so happy to be finished we plopped two chairs in front of it so we could share a brew and admire our handy work.


Next up is the “garden” in the back yard which was so overgrown with weeds that I filled two of the huge trash bins with them. I can’t wait to rip that sucker apart! Until then, I will enjoy the small patch of garden we just finished. 😊